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How A Project Evolves

During the many years I've practiced architecture I have noticed a deep sense of fulfillment at the completion of a project when the client, architect and contractor have worked together as a team to help the owner fulfill his/her intention within the budget. Nice words, and they should always provide guidance on a project. From the moment I enter into an agreement with the client I believe it's my responsibility to share my experience with the owner whenever necessary. This means using that experience at every stage of a project with the owner's intention in mind. As one example, I consider it important as an architect to provide the owner with alternate solutions to the same problem, be it aesthetics or other aspects of a project. The importance of this cannot be overemphasized. There are almost always more than one solution to a problem, and should be discussed with the client.

All architecture projects worth their mortar possess an interior life that, if discovered and acted on, can lead to a great deal of joy and satisfaction to the owner and all those connected to a given project. I could talk forever about details and materials and space but I won't do it here because every owner's sense of details, materials and spatial requirements differ.

So, dear reader, kindly go through the photographs on the attached website and if you find them pleasing to the eye, please contact me and we can discuss your needs further and in detail.

Yours very truly

Richard Sygar, Architect